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Glasses I've had for about 12 years. End of an era

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1904 days ago

Glasses I've had for about 12 years. End of an era


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Rick7287 1903 days ago

Put them on eBay, you could get 1 million dollars!!!!.... (no, you won't)

Christine_rawrr 1903 days ago

next to your face looks like you are holding a giant contact lense

eanoen 1903 days ago

Oh no! I *love* those glasses! For serious. =[

likeimemily 1904 days ago

just pop the lens back in, i used to do it all the time..

JoeCarpenterCO 1904 days ago

I know a man in Colorado Springs that could fix that in 20 minutes for about $10.

LadyMeridon 1904 days ago

Awwwww, dis makes me sad wheezy waituh!

alimeelo 1904 days ago


SydneyDoris 1904 days ago

Geez, I cant keep my for a year...

JMCanuck 1904 days ago

Mid-tour as well - tough luck man.

el3ala23aleyle 1904 days ago

So sad! but I guess it's time for change.

starrybeagle 1904 days ago

Poor glasses..

HeraclitusWept 1904 days ago

I remember when this happened to a pair of mine. So sad. :c

dav_89 1904 days ago

NOOOO * Slow mo voice*

ShutterLove 1904 days ago

Craigity, Craig... Craig's needs new glasses! :(

fcukx 1904 days ago

AutumnSkye10 1904 days ago

oh no wheezy glasses

mangapip 1904 days ago

O noes! :( RIP Wheezy Glasses

BinnyD 1904 days ago

Aww bless. May they rest in peace with that big.......optipresent.......glasses. Dear me.

lkjh869 1904 days ago

I think that I could fix that. I have had that happen to me all the time.

MaryLNaylor 1904 days ago