"The Thank You Economy"

@SpendLessTV.com hosts a video that Gary Vaynerchuk made for us in which he discusses the concept of a book he was writing, the book's title: The Thank You Economy. 

Several months after making that video he announced online that he was holding a graphic design contest for the book jacket design. SLTV co-founder, Jamie Freitas, also is involved with graphic design and submitted an entry. Vaynerchuk was not informed that that entry from @jsfgraphic was associated with SpendLessTV.com as the design was submitted under the jsfgraphic name.  

It is nice to see @jsfgraphic's jacket design entry featured in the @TYEBook.
Thank you for the opportunity and the acknowledgment, @garyvee! 
Gary's video on SpendLessTV: Be a Customer Who Gets What You Want: http://mjsp.me/BNnpt.  :The Thank You Economy" Book on Amazon: http://is.gd/JHltcb