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Caesar-my weekend guest.

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1963 days ago

Caesar-my weekend guest.


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Christophermbk 1877 days ago

So THAT'S where my twin brother was for the weekend!!!

atdiana77 1922 days ago

In deep Meditation/Coma?, or may be tired of Cleopatra.

camillatebutt 1958 days ago

Think he has eaten too many cakes ...!

Jessw086 1963 days ago

Argh!! Super cute!! Bet he snores like a bugger though!!

theguev 1963 days ago

Cute? Adorable? Oh my. He looks kinda snarkey to me.

unc_idiot 1963 days ago

Looks exhausted like he only had 22 hours of sleep yesterday.

elizatee 1963 days ago

He is adorable - he looks similar to Benson my bull mastiff - just love the breed.

AlyzabethM 1963 days ago


aussieineurope 1963 days ago

he looks so much like warney its uncanny!

Davbro703 1963 days ago

Made himself at home anyway.

Skoumal 1963 days ago

He's precious!! The tongue hanging out adds to it. Love boxers and bulldogs.

tightsituation 1963 days ago

Oh too cutE x

yeahIMdevd 1963 days ago

ohhh ...looks so cute!!!!!!!!

John_in_Boston 1963 days ago

He looks like he had a hard day.