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Here we go #spacegeo players. Name it!

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1995 days ago

Here we go #spacegeo players. Name it!


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KiLiLien 844 days ago

Beautiful, I like it :D

_MuhSahril 1136 days ago

Wow,, Beautiful pic :D

Oward_Hughes_69 1994 days ago

First I am this is not in France, second seeing the cloud I would suggest in Mediteranean Sea

sumeet_ranka 1994 days ago

gulf of sirte in mediterranean sea.............also k/a gulf of sidra ( syrtis major)

Zryda 1995 days ago

Sirte Gulf & Benghazi. Prayers go out to thosr fight for their freedom

imagine1701 1995 days ago

Amazing how wee clouds look that were so big when flying in them. Libya gingerbread man?

katie_9999 1995 days ago

nice clouds!

concealdcarrier 1995 days ago

Libya - gulf of sidre

medichorseman 1995 days ago

Gulf of Sidre, Libya. Remember the Naval action in the 80s

jonjoka 1995 days ago

I agree. Gulf of Sirte in Libya. thats one beautiful picture. I wish I was you Mr. kelly

Ceragnm 1995 days ago

The United States actually had a war with them and a treaty was sign on June 4, 1805 stating we no longer had to pay tribute to the Tripoli for trade. :)

Ceragnm 1995 days ago

Gulf of Sirte in Libya!!!!!!!!!!!! Pick me Pick me!!!

Kickalien 1995 days ago

My computer works so slow!

Kickalien 1995 days ago

Gulf of Sidra

Jim_Wiggenhorn 1995 days ago

You guys are quick!

Arley_EarthS 1995 days ago

Yep, it is Banghazi.

Sherry111 1995 days ago

As said by the others - the Gulf of Sirte, Libya. Looks like two jigsaw puzzle pieces!

PC0101 1995 days ago

Gulf of Sirte in Libya. Ajdabiya is the greyish patch just inland of the Gulf.

Arley_EarthS 1995 days ago


mjhc 1995 days ago

Banghazi, Libya