모두들선물너무감사드려요 ㅠㅠ 앞으로인증된모습들많이보실꺼예요~+_+!! 자전거는밖에잘모셔놨어요!!

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1934 days ago

모두들선물너무감사드려요 ㅠㅠ 앞으로인증된모습들많이보실꺼예요~+_+!! 자전거는밖에잘모셔놨어요!!


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MAntoinetteK 1862 days ago


hip7hop 1889 days ago

c'est bien ranger!

Barrniie 1891 days ago

aww, how cute. Both you and the baby are sooo cute, fiiggghttingg :)

PaePutzha 1893 days ago


Chrisi871215 1898 days ago

i hope the iMac is not for the babyboy *lol*

Prijanga 1916 days ago

Aaawh this is just too cute dude :D

monchuu0106 1917 days ago


mxmxmx6 1918 days ago

A+ are awesome..right!!..^^..FIGHTNG~

JanieBang 1918 days ago

mir is playing with his sister's son
mir, are u still okay?

kassieisawalrus 1918 days ago

Mir we have the same computer<3 Even though I can't see your face, you are still handsome. :D

NRM0430 1919 days ago

wow , you got alot of gifts , you sister child is so cute , i hope he will grow up healthy

bangminsoo_ 1919 days ago

waaa~ you've got soo many gift~ >_<!

younqmin 1921 days ago

wow ! ~

nananyan 1924 days ago

iMAC, 23"? seems that one i use here in my work...i wanttt ㅠㅠ are you ok mir?? hope yes ^^ take care

evayiwa 1925 days ago

it so much cute!!Who is the baby who is the baby that this playing with mir??

euphoricKANA 1926 days ago many stuff...i want that iMac please! :3

lalinkwolf 1927 days ago

Oh oh that one is from me. And that and yeah the big one is from me too, hahaha :D

JuuhSed 1927 days ago

Trop beau ♥ *o*

NikkiLee237 1928 days ago

wow so messy !! HAHA.. but... i still like u !! :)

fishieeluvsu 1928 days ago

askdfjhlkjdhsf mir oppa you have too much stuff T_T so messy TT__TT