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People wait out their fate after Earthquake at Tokyo Disneyland in Japan.

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1934 days ago

People wait out their fate after Earthquake at Tokyo Disneyland in Japan.


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sewsassy1 1928 days ago

Whole new meaning to waiting in line at Disney. #prayforthe world #prayforjapan

Rapholy 1929 days ago

#prayforjapan more than ever...

httpeisyateocom 1933 days ago

Pray for people in Japan..God be with you all..

Zartonia01 1933 days ago

#pray for the people

yashwinimohan 1933 days ago

#prayforjapan #prayfortheworld they seem quite cool and calm surprisingly. i would be freaked out.

VaneAishiteru 1933 days ago

paintingone 1933 days ago

Jesus please comfort those who were effected from this earth quake...

MyLuvForJustinB 1933 days ago

kikohirai 1933 days ago

Japão dando exemplo de organização até numa catástrofe .

pripriprii 1933 days ago

This is so bad =(

beliebinzayn 1933 days ago

amy_southwick 1933 days ago

oh dear, #prayforjapan

jbfan1lady 1933 days ago

raydest 1933 days ago

evento de anime rs

BillymanPrime 1933 days ago

Disneyland ain't too bad a place 2 be after all that horror

chlojade 1933 days ago

im so donating

SaarHUH 1933 days ago

Oh my God. That's devastating. I hope you're all okay, and you're in my thoughts and prayers:`(

Paula_Perry 1933 days ago

May God bless you, Japan! Stay strong!

Hi_Dick_Head 1933 days ago

God bless all who perished in the earthquake

enisboztepe 1933 days ago

Becouse they are positive people,they are strong, they got over many disasters before and they will again, God be with u Japan!