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How hard did Kobe take that loss? He's practicing his jump shot on the court now.

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1992 days ago

How hard did Kobe take that loss? He's practicing his jump shot on the court now.


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elvisamenyah 1992 days ago

we'll bounce back go get em kobe !!!!!!!!

Derriso7 1992 days ago

Kobe needs to let pau know to stop getting punk out in the paint and andrew to play the whole game

Jammindre 1992 days ago

That's a champion!!!!

SercanAlbayrak 1992 days ago

every time MVP Kobe!

FAMILYAUTOBODY 1992 days ago

Lebron sucks this year because he lost his love for the game, He would rather worry about the next commercial he can get. " you get what you put in!"

srikanthclp 1992 days ago

startin pre-game, Lakers started to think defense how heat will bounce bak, bak 2 bak champs should think like champs !

calirock83 1992 days ago

The Mamba is getting ready to strike. The NBA ain't ready for the Lakers when Kobe is in kill mode.

Lorik0823 1992 days ago

awww poor thing :/ he will always be number one point blank :)

MariaNeiL7 1992 days ago

because he is reaL King, he doesn't stop untiL the war is over.. :)) go Lakers..

manny_miles 1992 days ago

It wasn't poor shooting that contributed to was 2nd chance pts. by Heat; Stern advising refs to hand Miami calls, for a win by Heat will end their losing streak, and keep the intere$t in LeBron.

Swag_Tweetz 1992 days ago

and this is why he's my favorite player.

ilovesweat 1992 days ago

that's what's up ~ KB24 all day, everyday.

Z_Tremayne 1992 days ago

Now thats hard work and dedication!

MohsinWasi 1992 days ago

Bet you espn wont be reporting this

Cjhitmaster 1992 days ago


THEORICAL_JA 1992 days ago

Kobe got his rings 2 keep him company

_TjRoss 1992 days ago

Wow the Life Of a Champ. Way To Go Thts Why I Look Up To U

thisisDJROB 1992 days ago