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This guitar is haunted!

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1911 days ago

This guitar is haunted!


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Bettaboo 1910 days ago

I hate to say it but couldn't you tell by looking at it that it was haunted?

angellervonbuck 1910 days ago

WE JUST SOLD A GUITAR THAT LOOKS LIKE THIS ONE....sorry if it made you poop yo pants!

xfitsr 1911 days ago

did you find it in atlanta? enquiring minds wanna know!

RevJayGoldstein 1911 days ago

All guitars are haunted, usually by dead violins.

DawgBytez 1911 days ago

Looks like an old guitar Muddy Waters used to play, I bet you could get some sweet sounding blues outta that thing!

aymonkun 1911 days ago

It's just longing to be played that's all... calling out to be held like the old days... OR there's something trapped inside and it's trying to escape from what uncannily would look like a prison cell from the inside.

leesnelgar 1911 days ago

its haunted by a gay named Fred. Fred only had 4 toes.

dedododoce 1911 days ago

But it's a good haunted if it helps you play better, right?

ndr_Flks 1911 days ago does look sorta scary looking! lol.

kimberleydoll 1911 days ago

it's a very beautiful instrument.

madisoncwill 1911 days ago

Hell... I get kinda eerie feeling just looking at it... At first, I thought those faded areas were scratch marks.

JanayKinney 1911 days ago

looks like it! lol