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Morning ritual of lil' A torturing Dino before breakfast

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1877 days ago

Morning ritual of lil' A torturing Dino before breakfast


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HaleParnash 1876 days ago fortieths bonbon crude

GoddessRabbit 1877 days ago

Hey. If she has to learn shapes and colors why not Dino too? None of this “Old dog…new trick" stuff

mymordred 1877 days ago

DIno: Can't a guy sleep late anymore? Lil A: Hey we're burnin' daylight.

sheryl318 1877 days ago

Thanks We haven't seen a picture of Lil A since xmas. Daddy's girl is getting big!!

Bella_Gata2 1877 days ago

Awww... Que bela! :) "Move, move people, here I come!" Sooo precious! Thanks for sharing :)

elainelee13 1877 days ago

Absolutely precious! Dino looks like he does not mind in the least! Thanks for sharing! :~D

kikie1 1877 days ago

So adorable !! Thanks for sharing !!

Corrielady 1877 days ago

Looks like Dino is thinking to himself *here we go again *sigh*! ;) I'm sure he loves her to bits. :)

Corrielady 1877 days ago

That is adorable! Angelisa has such THICK gorgeous dark eyelashes. Another nice trait she inherited from her parents! Thanks for sharing the picture!

devers1 1877 days ago

OMG!! She and Dino are just adorable!! Thank you very much for sharing. Looks like best friends :)

rosebud0512 1877 days ago

So cute!!! Love how Dino just lays there and lets lil' A do her thing. Great picture.

ptalleyrn 1877 days ago

Dino doesn't look very impressed though. Beautiful family. Are you less traumatized over her hurt?

ptalleyrn 1877 days ago

I notice a couple of things. For one she's getting a head full of hair now. And she's daddy's girl.