Cady Coleman


@Astro_Paolo, @StationCDR_Kelly and I watched Discovery land from onboard ISS.  Nice to have our friends home safe!

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2175 days ago

, y and I watched Discovery land from onboard ISS. Nice to have our friends home safe!


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toniitalian2 2153 days ago

With so many lose small parts pens,pencils,floating up I can see the use for ties! U don't want one of those little junks to float up your nostrils as you go about your business! Just kidding.

akawisz1 2174 days ago

completely different perspective - thanks to the planet - and especially from me-waiting also happily_With my prayers for the welfare and happiness of all sentient beings.

icedbyte 2174 days ago

Farewell to you Discovery no more we’ll see you bright, easting summers predawn sky reflecting gods great light. How brave you came at sunset, earthly shadows never feared, from high you’ve watched mans folly, seen his wars, beheld his tears.

Kickalien 2174 days ago

Thank you, Cady!

a_cup_of_sea 2174 days ago

Discovery is home! Congratulations! :-) ...The message from her to you all! "I forgot to load Leonardo!" ;-)))

wcspink 2174 days ago

Hi Cady and all of the ISS crew! Saw you fly overhead last night despite the slight overcast in Pittsburgh. What an awesome experience you are having! Keep up the great work. Your old UMASS colleague Craig

FSC_NRW 2174 days ago

greetings from germany to all of you in the ISS. i am very proud to you. as i was a child i`ve ever dreamed of visit the moon one day with my dad. now i am 43 y old and you all are now in the space. god bless you all and my heart will be on the ISS. bye b

gregjack 2174 days ago

very proud of all of you..I see you through my telescope everynight off my deck...say hi to R2 for me.

sandarwai 2175 days ago

bien hecho !!felicitaciones a todos !!