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A Mac Taylor Flashback scene to when he was much younger. And much smaller....Ha!

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2031 days ago

A Mac Taylor Flashback scene to when he was much younger. And much smaller....Ha!


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Melanie0570 1913 days ago

who is this little boy on the right side ? hihihi

POONPB 2030 days ago

Which episode is it? hahaha

hurricane37 2030 days ago

Is that really going to be on CSINY? It looks like something from police academy. LOL

janmicosLMF 2031 days ago

Wow!!! whose the giant????

n6wee 2031 days ago

aw, this is just too funny! The stove looks a little low on that guy. Is he really that tall? WOW!

ChevronSix 2031 days ago

LOL - sticking your finger up his nose?

nouarraa 2031 days ago

funny pic :)

perlnoire 2031 days ago

Funny pic, Thanks for sharing !!!

Totorsg 2031 days ago

lol funny pic :)

SandylovestheUS 2031 days ago

Ha! Wonderful, can't wait to see this ep.

KathyConant 2031 days ago

It actually looks like Robert DiNiro......;)

SOADaughter 2031 days ago

I'l bet Mac took him down though!

teedee10 2031 days ago

Is that Don Rickles? Actually, more like Harry Houdini! You make a great Harry Houdini..retweet this...lets get some scripts made!!!

Medic_Jade 2031 days ago

HAHAHA!!! awesome! Love it!! :D Can't wait! :)

Yanissa_ 2031 days ago

xD LOL haha

BlackDevil_1963 2031 days ago


christy_fiet 2031 days ago

haha blues look good on you! <3

anaisdiaz73 2031 days ago

There is a too high man and another too small man!! Ha,ha,ha Nice poc...:)))

wsmsmy 2031 days ago

hhhhhhhhha its very funny thanks.

poucelina79 2031 days ago