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Photo qui demontre bien la scene d'hier..

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1970 days ago

Photo qui demontre bien la scene d'hier..


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ektk90 1962 days ago

perhaps pacioretty shouldn't have tried to jump out of chara's way... chara's a teddy bear everyone relax

AshleyLaroche 1965 days ago

(cont'd) why must people ruin the great sport of hockey?

AshleyLaroche 1965 days ago

clear that he sould have gotten a suspension i didn't think it was intentional until i saw this picture now this makes it look intentional -.-'

DreDkO 1967 days ago

Как въебал :DDD

Amanda36C 1968 days ago

It's a damn shame! It's those that condone it (and Bettman, Campbell and all the biases they allow in the league, not to mention, sales-above-all attitude) that is killing this great sport - on ALL levels!

Amanda36C 1968 days ago

...was perfectly captured in this frame above. How anyone can argue with what is clearly in front of their eyes, is just beyond my comprehension! This is an example of why headshots and concussions continue to take great hockey players out of the game. It

Amanda36C 1968 days ago

When I first saw the video, it took a few glances, then a few more. I wanted to be absolutely sure what I thought I saw, was what had happened. The camera angle was bad, yet I saw Chara bring his arm up. It was hard to see him extend it, to the point that

RockmanHalo 1969 days ago

hahah, this just makes for a better rivalry.

dobyblue 1969 days ago

Disagree with JoeBoss and I'm a Leafs fan. Chara should be gone for this, permanently.

Dmanfish90 1970 days ago

I'm sorry, but if you use the excuse that max pacioretty had time to slow down, umm check the video again he was trying to get around chara who didn't have body position on him (hence the interference) and was trying to skate ahead of him, beside him. To

PeoplePowerX 1970 days ago

Way to go #Chara you are not getting away with this, #Canada will not allow it. You're going to pay.

MissPetrella 1970 days ago

Did he really target his head? really?

jestezor 1970 days ago

That's america's Fat fuck JoeBoss, chara was coming to the corner on purpose, as seen on pic & mov

kratrz 1970 days ago

pac also had it coming. and chara's finishing his hit. that's all.

kratrz 1970 days ago

pacioretty had plenty of time to bail out, instead tried to squeeze through, n failed.

HatersGonnaH8 1970 days ago

is right. Watch the video full speed & this pic means nothing, stills dont justify #Chara #FTW

MarcoDG3 1970 days ago


Julikans 1970 days ago

Chara knew where he was

ugomega 1970 days ago

....comment plier un casque ! Chara a la réponse!

Mensana 1970 days ago

When Pax hit him last game, Chara didn't get flattened, hit in the head with a glove, and he didnt leave in a stretcher...