eli kim


Hey everyone! Im Eli from U-Kiss hehe

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1881 days ago


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kiaa0412 1733 days ago

U-Kiss !! <3

kisameshodaime 1778 days ago

Kevin is all alone sitting in the couch

GabyBonini 1812 days ago

kevin looks kinda lonely back there.. hahaha.. cute cute cute *-*

mYt_Kiss 1824 days ago

thành viên mới của U kiss đây ư....mình vẫn thích Alexander và KiBum hơn :(, thật đáng tiếc khi họ rời nhóm

Zeraph_ 1838 days ago

Kevin is photograhping ah..... and AJ is so cute in this pic.... but not annoying ...... >0<

shainapalalisan 1845 days ago

im so happy for your new album!!!.... but i think somethings missing.. hope you have good day :)

Jinnyindabottle 1846 days ago

hahahha :D that's kyeopta ~

QUEENlovesKPOP 1846 days ago

LOVE it!!! I love your pose Eli oppa..and KEVIN oppa soo cute ^_^

trang112 1847 days ago

I love ukiss ♥

ChoOly_ 1849 days ago

ahh you're so cute and handsome ... I love you guys ♥
U-Kiss FIGHTING ^^ ! I love you Eli ♥
AJ ♥

SS501HyunMin 1850 days ago

the one beside Eli is Hoon and the one on the right is AJ :)
Eli is sooo cue!

saadah_961120 1855 days ago

which one hoon and which is aj???? please reply~ =]

kaida_hayashi 1857 days ago

`hahaha KEVIN ♥

mariiiee96 1857 days ago

Eli is the cutest!!

chundoongismine 1858 days ago

i think . AJ is cuter than HOON ..

Kissme_Candy 1862 days ago

Why I miss this pic of you guys?? hahaha~ you guys are soooo cute :D especially you...Eli!!

aegyoming 1862 days ago

First i was looking at you, then hoon, then aj.... then KEVIN. HAHAHA. <3

B0MM13 1862 days ago

Kevin! <3 QQ

Tina_yaya 1863 days ago

Is this u?


Blond man <3

kimmyx0812 1863 days ago

lol. You look diffrent but handsome.haha nice picture featuring kevin.haha