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#medmystery  white=blood in the brain. what do u think caused it? clue wed/answer fri.

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1546 days ago

#medmystery white=blood in the brain. what do u think caused it? clue wed/answer fri.


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sarahtmarcus 1524 days ago

I take all I said back, you're still a nerd ;) Very guilty.

spragginsjn 1544 days ago

Trauma to the head- probably gunshot

Kelly_812 1544 days ago

Caused by an aneurysm, or trauma? Is it an infant's MRI?

Kelly_812 1545 days ago

Is it a subarachnoid hemorrhage?

anbu7 1545 days ago

Blood means Hemorrhage due to hypertension or anuresom ../ but it same as tumour

emparekh 1545 days ago

intracerebral hemorrhage due to spontaneous hemorrhagic stroke

KylaDO 1545 days ago

aneurysm somewhere in the circle of willis

iarafoschino 1545 days ago

Wow..I have no idea..I want know what causes that/

drjyothis 1545 days ago

Intraventricular hemorrhage?

nativechuck 1546 days ago

It's an anneurism of the communicating artery in the Circle of Willis.

Janice605 1546 days ago

MRI shadow

LorieParks 1546 days ago

look like a small bleed due to excess pressure on an artery caused by hypertension, leading to a stroke.

machtoranoana 1546 days ago

fresh ICH. Due to hypertension.

klinneth 1546 days ago

basal ganglia lacunar stroke secondary to hypertension

rlg227 1546 days ago

ruptured anuerism

toddb7 1546 days ago

That looks like a stroke. They usually need to operate to remove the clotting. I always wanted to be a doctor. :)