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An amateur artist trying to find a way.

Felt like coloring something so i used the usagi sketch i did

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2029 days ago

Felt like coloring something so i used the usagi sketch i did


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zeroAQW 1783 days ago

Make Shredder, hes the badass villain evar!

TheHomoFag 2019 days ago

I like my new background. Hope you don't mind me using it.

caseym21 2026 days ago

he would kick meh ass...

ZerkAE 2027 days ago

where have I seen this before..... hmm pizza turtles stuff ninjas......

MacianArt 2028 days ago

next time u feel like colorin something, plz, plz color ur dage pic.

milesmeloro 2029 days ago

Really nice; I especially like the contrast. Honestly Carlos, I think you could be the artist for your OWN game, if you really wanted to. If you land the position with AE, I suggest keeping that in mind for the future.

Rowneen 2029 days ago

You HAVE to be DF's new BG artist D: Go and post. Alina's twitter has the link to the page. I just hope you post and get in :)

AsianBboyValor 2029 days ago

Samurai powuh!

Bladebrawl 2029 days ago

you ish bunneh? :O

Bladebrawl 2029 days ago

lol, ok. btw, DF is looking for a background artist. :3

AQWNaTra 2029 days ago

Can you pls tag me as that guy, that is my cousin right there, he and I are both bunneh.

blackice709 2029 days ago

wow nice man this is eeeeeeeeppppppppppppppppppiccc!!!!!!!!!!!1

DarkonDrago 2029 days ago

Nice work man. Really nice work :)

TheCarlosZayas 2029 days ago

thanks, umm not too long, i think maybe like an hour of actual time put in, i was distracted while doing it so i didnt finish it for like 2. I spend too much time playing with colors and trying new things

Bladebrawl 2029 days ago

lol. cool. how long did it take you btw? :3