Lance Armstrong


7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

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2282 days ago


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pascaleJo 2273 days ago

this is such a relaxing shot, I wish I was there too!

Cronkhite_S 2281 days ago

What no doughnuts?

Cora007xyz 2281 days ago

Here in Germany is an actress and she is called Gila von Weitershausen. is the Tour of Gila named after the animals there in the deserts or after a Person.

Cora007xyz 2281 days ago

That is really the difference between you and normal not so rich riders that you can be so cool to decide spontanously to ride privately for your bikeshop and travel to there with your private Teambus and really manage to start there.

Cora007xyz 2281 days ago

Thanks for sharing also the videos. What does Gila mean? Is it a kind of animal? like a salamander? Gila-Echsen? Congrats for your 8 th place in the race and for Levys win. Love from old Europe and Cologne. Funny that you ride private for your bike shop.

remepro_nl 2281 days ago

respect from the Netherlands, hope to meet you again in the Tour de France

ste960 2281 days ago

sorry , I want to say " FLU " !!!!

ste960 2281 days ago

you have not fear of FLUE !!!!!!!!!

james_durbin 2282 days ago

chris... no doughnuts?

Duggameister 2282 days ago

That's a power breakfast!

cyclej 2282 days ago

This is why Lance is back. Among friends

EABeckett 2282 days ago

My husband and his friend were at the Leadville 100 last Aug and got some good pics of you because my husband crashed training the week before and broke his wrist and his buddy crashed during the race at mile 25 when a lady stepped on the trail in front o

LarryBirdy 2282 days ago

I will take any bet to get you to wear "The Three Amigo's" suits from the movie. :-D

doc__J 2282 days ago

Is that Pepto Bismol? Someone have a nervous tummy before his race :o)

amybunny 2282 days ago

Are those compression socks I see? LOVE those things.

TouroftheGila 2282 days ago

That's a lot of eggs Levi!

vegasrouleur 2282 days ago

You need to get Lance to shave his head so he fits in with the team.

markatthemoon 2282 days ago

Looks like Basmati rice and eggs are a staple on race day. I also prepped that for you guys while you were in Modesto, Ca. for the Tof C

frankmercurio 2282 days ago

The 3 Musketeers!

markatthemoon 2282 days ago

Lance have you ever ridden anything other than Trek bikes? If so what and when. Thanks.