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1941 days ago


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urantia1 1940 days ago

Hey Alex I love the show, I was wondering if you had any interest in the Urantia Book conspiracy

Yagottabajedi 1940 days ago

The apocalypse/History channel, movies, the news, are the majority of experiences that alot of people get. It seems to keep them in a state of victimisation, thus, any absurd answer will do.

olivierponcelet 1940 days ago

Support for Alex Jones from Belgium !

deno_47000 1941 days ago

Hey Alex, just wondering if you heard the interview that Peter Schiff gave to Dick Morris. Funny

infowarer 1941 days ago

Alex, what will happen to businesses when they get ready to flip the power switch off? Do you really believe greedy, spoiled Americans will tolerate this treatment?

illuminated3 1941 days ago

Alex please get Ron Paul on. I want to ask him what I should do to position myself to be elected into government. I think thousands would try, and years down the line it might pay off. If only 1% of 5,000 succeed it is a victory.

shawnjohn0369 1941 days ago

hey whats up with no live shows are u ok bro. best wishes from Oregon i will keep up the fight

EdgarVonHelsing 1941 days ago

Alex long time listener... but please drop David Icke he`s a complete nut.He discredits you !

lemonchronicle 1941 days ago

Thank you Alex for your excellent coverage and fortitude.

12160mhz 1941 days ago

12160 "Destroying the NWO"
Check out the blogs, videos, and discussions!!

invalidcookie 1941 days ago

Is that Bernanke's Nickname? "The Comet"? Because i can see him coming..

invalidcookie 1941 days ago

I didn't even read the Whole post James LOL! What comet where? If it was coming we'd see it by now.

JamesW012 1941 days ago

You noticed how most of the idiot comments meant to distract & confuse & take your eyes off the criminal globalist cabal come from people like KarlaP15 who just happened to open a dummy account a few minutes before

wizardqueen3 1941 days ago

Hi Good mornin Alex, long time listener here.... What are your thoughts on the new movie "Zeitgeist II" ? LUV ya and keep up the great work you do and hope you feel better soon! R=V over all tyranny! Donalea =o]

invalidcookie 1941 days ago

Because we let them Karla. :|

KarlaP15 1941 days ago

Why are globalists trying to destroy us economically if it is true that a comet is coming anyway

Nicol3tta 1941 days ago

Listening to you and Wayne Madsen as I type this. I dunno what I would do without

thumpertc 1941 days ago

Canadians for Alex!

thumpertc 1941 days ago

How about a turn off the TV day challenge!

djsal707 1941 days ago

wonderful work alex ,,, exellent and very informitive videos,,, keep the twitter thing going !!