In photos: Michael kissing little sister Janet

From Katherine Jackson's Book, My Family.

(Katherine shares Janet's success with her Album Control release in January 1986)

Janet, of course, was very pleased as she watched her success story unfold. 
But unlike Michael, who would literally jump for joy at good news about one 
of his records, Janet wasn’t demonstrative. “My single’s moving up the charts. 
It made it to number so-and-so this week,” was just about all she’d tell me in a 
matter-of-fact voice. Michael showed more excitement about her album than 
she did. 

JANET: After my brothers started getting married and moving out, 
Michael and I became very close. Even as a teen-ager he was crazy about 
younger children. We did everything together, everything under the sun. 

You could say we “split up” around the time Michael’s Thriller came out. 
It was like, “See you later, Michael.” He was so busy. But we continued to 
care as much as ever about each other. 

Michael was present the night Janet premiered her video for “Nasty” at the 
house. I feel safe in saying that those few minutes with Michael were the most 
special time for Janet during her entire Control experience. 

JANET: Michael started crying in the middle of the screening; he loved it 
that much. “Janet,” he said, “I’m so proud of you. This is a hit. 

“And it’s only the beginning for you,” he added. “You haven’t reached 
your peek yet. You haven’t climbed to the top of your mountain.”