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Let's see what you got. Name it! #spacegeo

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1999 days ago

Let's see what you got. Name it! #spacegeo


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pbrew85 1993 days ago

The iss does not pass over the north pole #spacegeo

Arley_EarthS 1994 days ago

so what is it?

khunagthurasoe 1996 days ago

it's Antarctica i guess

kd3911 1996 days ago

Or Sturge Island, Buckle Island & Young Island, Antarctica.

kd3911 1997 days ago

My guess is Jan Mayen Island, Norway.

isserl 1997 days ago

Spitsbergen or some other island close by - started out as a whaling base in 17th century

macaz1977 1998 days ago

Ben Nevis Scotalnd.

PC0101 1998 days ago

Elephant Island at -61.107159,-55.151367 where, in 1916, Shackleton’s Endurance party had to wait 4 months for rescue.

himakika 1998 days ago

robe of celestial maiden.天女の羽衣

SpaceboyGalien 1998 days ago

snapshot from low earth orbit capturing clouds in a swirl with a mountain peak at the center?

1galaxygoddess1 1998 days ago

The North Pole!

SamuelTorfi 1998 days ago

Novaya Zemlya

Kickalien 1998 days ago

Pribilof Islands ... just by guesswork

sandarwai 1998 days ago

que lejos ¿a quien pertenece ??

pete__peterson 1999 days ago

Rayleigh-Taylor instability?

beachton 1999 days ago

I think kbrunt and mstielau nailed it. Shetland Islands. Nice icebergs!

kbrunt 1999 days ago

#spacegeo, another Antarctic image! That's Elephant Is in center (Clarence Is left; Moody Pt right). It's where Shackleton's 22 men waited for months for rescue (lead by Frank Wild). Site of 1st Antarctic surgery: removal of Blackborrow's left toes.

cindylou003 1999 days ago

Hawaiian islands..

kentgcaldwell 1999 days ago


whitelilynights 1999 days ago

MCkinley mountain Alaska?