J6 Chronomancer. Done in aqw style by @LakenAQW and flash by @TheCarlosZayas

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1481 days ago

J6 Chronomancer. Done in aqw style by and flash by


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Gutzvon 1013 days ago

To say, the ShoGunslinger helm with shark fin? It ruins it. Should of had one without as an option.

Gutzvon 1013 days ago

I like second better than J6's cowboy armor and helm he has now.

Xaayer_The_Grey 1051 days ago

Sweeeeet Though wouldn't the rival of Lake-n be Sea-n?

DarkonDrago 1057 days ago

Again, I only design the armor. redrew it on aqw template, and flashed it.

Megas_Light 1057 days ago

That looks cool.

DarkonDrago 1057 days ago

Thank you sir! Will do my best ^ ^

CodenameJ6 1057 days ago

Why am I just seeing this now? Cool stuff! Make a female too!

SerLucane 1057 days ago

Still one of my favorite J6 designs, he should really consider this.

DzArethusa 1251 days ago

Chronomancer? I dont think so :/ . How about.. Time Traveler? or Steampunk? or other time thingy~ . Its up to you, thats just a suggestion

StormComet 1314 days ago

Like, REALLY want this

StormComet 1314 days ago

I. Really. Want. This.

aqw_eeedy 1332 days ago

haha :D wow cool

Karmytex 1376 days ago

Awesome designs, I'd get that for my character.

DarkonDrago 1425 days ago

Thanks :) That's the one I designed.

FadingRage 1426 days ago

i like the helm on the left best

soviath 1455 days ago

hey can u check out some o my armors http://twitpic.com/4dxd0v

RuneAQW 1464 days ago

The black helmet is just amazing i love it, follow me please :3

TheCarlosZayas 1480 days ago