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update on my cosmic armor: J.U.G.G.E.R.N.A.U.T #TwitPict

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2057 days ago

update on my cosmic armor: J.U.G.G.E.R.N.A.U.T #TwitPict


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Top_AE 2056 days ago

ok..O.o......now i will leave slowly..........good guy.....*top starts running and disappears*

GamerArtix 2056 days ago

Talk about over Kills

SerLucane 2056 days ago

oh um wow

TommyT94 2056 days ago

dam Gan, that like crazy

DisturbedAE 2056 days ago

Nice to detailed for AQW Probebly tho and the arm would be to long exept if you make that hand into a wep still realy nice *Tumbs up*

AQWNaTra 2056 days ago

That is some arm O_O

veneeria 2056 days ago

talk about overkills.

DyzjAE 2056 days ago

It stands for JellyYoubeOverme Usuck GodIsme GodIsMe Eh Rightousness NoobsIOwn AmgApples USuck TerrifiedofmeYet?

ReddyTheCat 2057 days ago

Lol you really, really like detail. And um... Jello Ultimate Green Glossy Entirely Radical Never Apple Ukulele Table.

Mageofnocturn 2057 days ago

What does it stand for? Just, Upgraded, Ganloth's, Great, Expensive, Robot, Now, An, Ultimate, Titan?