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Robot builder, modelmaker and television host on Mythbusters.

Skinny British suit shopping. #twitterfashionshow

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2063 days ago

Skinny British suit shopping. #twitterfashionshow


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Kay_YZhang 2020 days ago

Perfect!!!Might even skip to MIB

LynneSp 2045 days ago

Skinny British suits are where it's at... looking handsome there Grant!

vesnyankaa 2051 days ago

a true gentleman

LeslieC64 2051 days ago

OH.....NO - NO - NO - NO

coniks2 2061 days ago

Dude, where is Rose?

rfahreev 2061 days ago

you cant carry a gun in skinny suits

niriha 2062 days ago

Add some pinstripes and you are a doppelganger for the tenth Doctor!

TatianaNight 2062 days ago

Nice! Just goes to show that science is HAWT!!!

MarianoBryant 2062 days ago


HinzeDyky1 2062 days ago

DogMeat909 2062 days ago

Sharp! Can you move?

fresh_asparagus 2062 days ago


roadrunnermw 2062 days ago

sehr mild

LuniaFloria 2062 days ago

Lookin' good! :)

neverbel0nely 2062 days ago

Skinny British suits rule xD why no one handsome in Britain wears them, I don't know o.O

I_Hate_Hartley 2062 days ago

wow, makes you look skinny

Brian_Lutz 2062 days ago

You weren't planning to set that on fire, were you?

SephardicScribe 2062 days ago

I hope you bought it. That suit looks great. Handsome!

JenGon 2062 days ago

awww, that is awesome!

WilhelmHolden 2062 days ago

Spectacular tailored fit! The colors really complement your natural skin hues! Handsome Grant! May I add?! *Magnificently Masculine*