Wil Wheaton


I'm just this guy, you know?

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1391 days ago


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locke_cole495 1388 days ago

Mountain Goats!!!

kipluck 1390 days ago

LOVES the tie *really is a Mormon, though*

VellySue 1390 days ago

Whoa Do not tell Sheldon Cooper about this at all.

mikers123 1390 days ago

A friend of mine was Ken's college roommate. Thought I'd throw that in for Geek cred.

StylishWalnut 1391 days ago

Talk about your nerd-gasm.

thedailyrobot 1391 days ago

am I the only one FLIPPING OUT that Ken is a MOUNTAIN GOATS fan? (shirt from the heretic pride tour)

JohnCarr1989 1391 days ago

"Picard does not approve of this meeting..." I can't even describe the level of awesome this occupies...

PierceAeroOne 1391 days ago

Escape from Mayberry R.F.D.! When last we saw our intrepid Heros...

By_SJD 1391 days ago

cool. Saw Ken in a toy store once.

JustRob1978 1391 days ago


franklygeri 1391 days ago

And right behind you is a sign that says "No Photography or Video Taping Please". You rebel.

lornasingh 1391 days ago

I think is right. lol

Trocergian 1391 days ago

Gee, I thought you were both taller.

erielhonan 1391 days ago

Looks more like and Jonathan Frakes from Abrams' alternate timeline, #amirite?

sbroggie 1391 days ago

Uber geekdom rejoices.

danar75 1391 days ago

Looks like it should be the other way around: Smartie Jennings meets Witty Wheaton.

theelkmechanic 1391 days ago

He looks younger than he does on TV. And so does Ken.

Peady 1391 days ago

That is so cool!!

maya0917 1391 days ago

Seattle is honored to have you here Mr. Wheaton!

cam_neil 1391 days ago

I love the ST:First Contact poster in the background.