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The Dark Mage. Mistress of Time. Keeper of the DragonGlass. AQW Dev/Assist Head Mod/Game Liaison/QA AK. Whovian. You may have heard of me. Header by Eilstina.

Purple Mage Rage!! @Lellyana @Razgrizak @SoratoHoshi

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1969 days ago

Purple Mage Rage!!


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Danny_AE 1957 days ago

I Didnt Know Your A Moderator :o

mturf 1969 days ago


AQWDVB 1969 days ago

I could copy you all ._.

RazEvangalion 1969 days ago

True enough :P

stealthycupcake 1969 days ago

Sexy thor.

SoraToHoshi 1969 days ago

yeah but purple warrior rage doesnt sound as cool

RazEvangalion 1969 days ago

It's funny because it's actually the warrior costume :P

AQWNaTra 1969 days ago

He sleeping obv

ZeoTheIceElf 1969 days ago

Indeed Question, indeed.

QuestionMarkII 1969 days ago

Blinded and fell asleep? o.O

SoraToHoshi 1969 days ago

was blinded by our purplyness

pop13245PTRO 1969 days ago


TomcatArts 1969 days ago

*drains all the purple in the room to a dull grey colour* Muhahahahaaa! >:D