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I wish...RT @camille1125: @mrskutcher omg!! Thats so small!! Is it yours??

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1394 days ago

I wish...RT : omg!! Thats so small!! Is it yours??


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forbiddenleth 1342 days ago

so cuuuuuuuuuuute I wanna one too <3

justDana2 1353 days ago

The puppy says, 'Help...meEEE ... I's looks like Yoda....H..ELP... MEEeee"

MalikaShrestha 1360 days ago

so damn cute

gabrielacomTh 1361 days ago

q fofo

hiangwoon 1370 days ago

is so CUTE =D

KadyJ 1371 days ago

I agree with Claude96. Poor baby, indeed:( Its brain wants to explode out of its head it looks! Aww..

Claude96 1373 days ago

Poor doggie, do you know how much problems it's gonna get with those by bread eyes. These dogs have become a fashion object, but there living creatures, no toys!

EsperantoBr 1374 days ago

It´s real ???

Comixgrrl 1386 days ago

That must be Purse Puppy!

angmiles 1386 days ago

I want one now. maybe I can negotiate with my landlord and say it's technically like a cat. except nice. :)

johannacoronado 1386 days ago

wow!! really small and really pretty!! :D cute!!!!

Maine_Val_Erika 1386 days ago

Holy Hannah...HA...Wicked Cute!!! ;)

TarenReed 1386 days ago

That is so cute!!!!!!

Rickster1979 1388 days ago

I really want a dog that's like this I dnt want a big dog they eat far 2 much wat sort of dog is this & wear can I get 1 or sumit similar I want it 2b no bigger than a jack Russell also im in England if nebody has ne ideas pls?

v_ict0r 1388 days ago

Holy crap, That's so small o.O This is a Dog or mouse? '-'

djulyx 1388 days ago


22Nayla 1389 days ago

Wow! It's the world's smallest doggy

guccigoo217 1391 days ago

Too cute for words! is it real?

belleke74 1393 days ago

So sweet!!!

Larvitax 1393 days ago

LOL it's kinda scary with those big eyes.. they seem to be biger that his body haha the only thing that i could say it's 'nice' it's the size (=