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This has kept me intrigued for hours...well actually obsessed!

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1222 days ago

This has kept me intrigued for hours...well actually obsessed!


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jonakiwi 1003 days ago

A 'teacup Chihuahua'.

rhondam2kk79 1066 days ago

This is so cute, looks very much like a toy though :-)

gleekymcgrey 1163 days ago

sooo freakin cuuuutee :) looks like a dashboard puppy.

Iliikeethis 1177 days ago

that cute creature!

tecnopata 1214 days ago

lol lol lol so cute

JohnTaylor65 1215 days ago

Wow how cool! He/she almost doen't look real!!!:) Very precious.

candybrune 1218 days ago

Sweat&Funny :))

btw,u are an amazing women* #fan

VoicyZA 1218 days ago

Oh my god! That's a giant hand!!!

MJR35 1219 days ago

Adorable!! Just don't feed him after midnight or let him get wet. He might become a "naughty gremlin".

pasqua712 1221 days ago

Wow so cute

toniitalian2 1221 days ago

Demi, the problem is the smallest dogs are "engineered",the easiest will be for cats to mistake them for mice! I hope you don't have a cat?

izzykewl88 1221 days ago

wow!!! love it...

whereismyturban 1221 days ago

It's cute but I'd sit on it by mistake. Then no more dog-creature-thing.

jpic77 1221 days ago

I guess it depends on if it's a puppy or full-grown. Toy Manchester puppies are this size.

Labedzki_Art 1222 days ago

wow, it is from Gremlin land!

DriiH_Saito 1222 days ago

*-* I want it!!! So cute!!!

Idalltaken 1222 days ago

Wow! It is cute but sad. I wonder what they had to do to breed it. What med problems will it have

Tissy_ 1222 days ago

As an animal lover I am surprised you are unaware there is no such thing as a micro, mini, teacup or whatever trendy word they choose to call these unhealthy poor babies. Please research. These breeders are unethical and should be stopped.

MichelleRekouna 1222 days ago

OMG, it doesn't look real! I so want one: unfortunately, my other dogs would probably eat it, so I will have to wait a few years :(

heeco716 1222 days ago

Don't feed it after midnight.