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ChrissyTeigFans 1740 days ago


PhillipScheerer 1742 days ago

Perfect opportunity to be "tickle me elmo", lol

88_kong 1757 days ago

not enough fur babe, once i get some skrill we'll travel the world lol you'll be happy

CR7CristianoCR7 1824 days ago

Baby,you are hot!

CowboySandtoes 1826 days ago

привет Elmo and Irina!
haha awesome :)

Charan_Jit 1830 days ago

u made him RED..........

SerialGamer 1854 days ago

Looks like we took care of that pesky girlfriend thing now I can play some Call of Duty Black Ops

trickzi 1856 days ago

Oh dude!!! This is no doubt THE CUTESSSSST pic of Irina that I've ever seeen...#OhSoCute !!! No wonder he is gone "ALL RED".....;D

maratgibadullin 1857 days ago

My guess he LOVES you, so that's why he became totally red...

17saracr7 1861 days ago


Nells_Il 1862 days ago

haha cute:)

CASTLE828 1865 days ago

I guess Elmo grew up

DeaRealMadridX 1866 days ago

Irina,you are the best too.

DeaRealMadridX 1866 days ago

If Cristiano Ronaldo is ugly,you are the ugliest man of the world.Oh,excuse me.YOU ARE.Cristiano Ronaldo is the best!!!And dont say it to Irina,because you will have a very big problem.

Bieber_suenos 1868 days ago

If Cristiano is ugly,you are the ugliest man of the world.Cristiano Ronaldo is the best of the world.I wish you are not wondering to make Irina yours.Irina has 10 months with Cristiano!

christina_93gr 1868 days ago


kamboshah 1872 days ago


MrDelk 1876 days ago

Why do all the ugly guys get the pretty women... Geeezz..

GabiCR7 1879 days ago

very cool, Irina

_tay_na 1880 days ago