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[Pict] Donghae's childhood pictures - He's always been such an adorable kid!

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1246 days ago

[Pict] Donghae's childhood pictures - He's always been such an adorable kid!


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sunade_aeri089 1231 days ago

he's so cute!!!!!!!!

GranolaLola1 1242 days ago

aww so cutttteee ^_^ <3

amelia_suandi 1246 days ago

foto kanan unyuuu~

JaseKyu 1246 days ago

barun taliin 2 pic n Hae mon ym uu?? kk tegj bgad bas bulzgar nohor bjee

kaiyo74 1246 days ago

What nicer innocence of children..^^

naeHAEngbok 1246 days ago

Sooo cute. You can tell that this kid will be good looking.

kaiyo74 1246 days ago

He so cute in the black t shirt..^^

iaseel12 1246 days ago

يآ دلبووووووس يدننن بكل مرآحل عمره ♥______♥ ~> 아주 귀여운 !!

BartMellerj 1246 days ago

http://www.u2s.in/f45 this is for ya

fishybuu 1246 days ago

extremely cute~

Moiisicatholica 1246 days ago

so cute .. ..

love love love .. .. :**

Vyronkaza 1246 days ago

Donghae's eyes is so cute^^ hae is cute like recently^^

pinkyhero 1246 days ago

same smile since he was a kid!!!

chao_hayden 1246 days ago

neomu kyeopta >/////<

minhaeyaa 1246 days ago

Love the bottom right picture!

MJistaeminsgirl 1246 days ago


NDIngdongding 1246 days ago

ahh lucu nya . .
anak kita bsk selucu itu pasti . .
iya kan babe :)

fishleepink 1246 days ago

the pic on the upper right corner, he has resemblance from Mason Moon :)

wieniea 1246 days ago

cakep banget :) :)

fishyno_3 1246 days ago

ooooah! SO CUTE!