Shane Dawson


director-actor-musician-cross dresser

Sneak PEEK at saturdays vid! :D

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2004 days ago

Sneak PEEK at saturdays vid! :D


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DianaHidvegi 1846 days ago

you look tall. idk.

amandaavistv 1913 days ago

were those pigtails out

iBieberluvr 1925 days ago

sexy ;)

LostPalace 1967 days ago

Just when i thought u couldnt get any more funnier or "random"!! haha but u keep surprising me :') XD<3

Camish002 1978 days ago

u lookk sexy XD

savannahXXisXme 1978 days ago

you look like a creepy Avril fan hahahahaha

savannahXXisXme 1978 days ago

ahhhhh! i love it!!!

krisslovato 1979 days ago

omg shane your gonna kill me with laughter!!

BiebsMahone13 1979 days ago

sexy pic shane!!(:

chloeIndaina 1989 days ago


AlonsoCHRojas 1992 days ago

I think I gave you enough food tonight shane

Anzikk 1994 days ago

nice ass, dude.

rebecca_samuel 1994 days ago

Haha so funny !

genius137 1995 days ago


Zavannahi 1995 days ago

i just love you :D

damnCharlotte_ 1995 days ago

huuum, hey sexy

katie4realzzz 1995 days ago

This was hilarious!

Ivy3Winter 1995 days ago

tht was hilarss (:

MelanieMonkii 1999 days ago

Looooove youuuuu<3

Sam_love_14 2002 days ago

Awwww love the pig tails ;D