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my new pal. how gorgeous is she? inside and out. what an actress.

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2062 days ago

my new pal. how gorgeous is she? inside and out. what an actress.


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Ingridxdmelo 1852 days ago

Eu Te Amo Mariska <3

Ingridxdmelo 1852 days ago

Mariska! I Love You, I'm your biggest fan here in Brazil, I love you very much and will always follow you, I do not have enough money to buy all seasons, shirts, and so on. But I subscribe to the Internet, on TV, I think you're wonderful, that emotion, lo

theRealGintoned 1927 days ago

Love you Mariska!!!

BrendaMattioli 1940 days ago

You are soooo gorgeous!

cstaand 1951 days ago


ClaudiaHerreira 1958 days ago

lindaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :)

AmyMalfoy 2023 days ago

BEAUTIFUL i love you mariska #1 favorite actress ever <3

HeyItzAlyssa 2028 days ago

awww i love elizabeth mitchell!! and you mariska! :)

valexunob 2031 days ago

maris sos la mejor....una gran acrtiz en argentina t amamos

mariesepaige 2034 days ago

From the other side of the world you Have inspired me, So much for so many years.
I can only thank you on how beautiful and strong character you are in SVU and how you have carried this on to your own personal life. You have made me open my eyes and reali

Cin4_ 2039 days ago

two of my favorite actresses!! I love Elizabeth Mitchell!♥

jennique1980 2041 days ago

love elizabeth...x

shamarwon 2048 days ago

I LOVE Elizabeth! Another favorite actress. You know I love women who play kick ass characters.

badgertwit 2048 days ago

Dang, "Juliette's" gonna kick some V-tail next season! What a great season-ender & now she's on SVU!

Gxbymorx 2048 days ago

I love you mariska, you are my hero & person to follow.

Alcravobrasil 2057 days ago

Hi!! Elisabeth will be some participation in SVU? I loved her participation in Lost ...

Alyssa11029 2058 days ago

Hi Mariska...who's your new friend?

Thaineee 2058 days ago

Elizabeth Mitchell of LOST? Oh GOD I really love her and I love you 2, of course! *-*

karlabenson 2059 days ago

You have reason mariska it is is very pretty

Ashleym426 2060 days ago

u 2 are soooooooooo pretty i <3 the show soooo much ur the best