Bill Gates


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1890 days ago


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Head_Crab 1889 days ago

Good Luck!

inamZOOM 1889 days ago

oh shit i miss the greate show

inamZOOM 1889 days ago

don`t hit the stage gates othere wise hands are broken ha ha anyway may devil bless for stage show

HuangJhe 1889 days ago

Good Luck TED !!

fcbl 1889 days ago

It's about vaccines again?

consuelohidalgo 1889 days ago

love the TED events!!

Mussie_G 1890 days ago

Khan Academy Rocks!

saneves 1890 days ago

great! what is the topic?

Bam_Nontalee 1890 days ago

Will TED release podcasts of his speaking?

xOneStepBehind 1890 days ago

ooopsi...meant guy. Not gay. Sowwie!!ヽ(´ー`)┌,

drigit 1890 days ago

Heavy sponsorship might be hunting this TED output! Have enough Luck!

jurelive 1890 days ago

Uy!! no se le valla olvidar invitarme [^_^]

xOneStepBehind 1890 days ago that "deer caught in the headlights" posè by the gay to the right!! Priceless.

GedeGeorge 1890 days ago

I have no ticket, Gates HAHAHA = D

hamerco 1890 days ago

Good Luck All =)