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Sebastian harassing Pigeons, 2010

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1587 days ago

Sebastian harassing Pigeons, 2010


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chiquiflakes88 1585 days ago

He is such a cutie.

altongtwiaddict 1585 days ago

how cute! He looks just like you, Chris!

alexacovat 1586 days ago

he´s so cute !!!!
it´s just like u !!!!

love and rockets
from mexico

alexacovat 1586 days ago


PerlaYazz 1586 days ago

amazing and very cute! the little one looks like fun ñ_ñ kisses&hugs from México!

60SAB 1587 days ago

Awesome .....It's my capital Paris.....So So cute

carol_leomil 1587 days ago

Awww I really liked this one! Soo spontaneous... and he is so CUTE! :)

ShariYelitza 1587 days ago

Awww...he's so sweet...!!!

monsetwilighter 1587 days ago

He looks so cute!! enjoy ur time with ur family

natalia_ps 1587 days ago

oohhh so so cute and sweet!!

_Cammie_ 1587 days ago

Awww so cute...

marieso92500 1587 days ago

Notre Dame de Paris!!! Home sweet home!!! Was right next to it tonight!!!

SarahLuisa 1587 days ago

awww he is so sweet. thats infront of Notre Dame right?

ALKSF 1587 days ago

Awww, your son is sssssoooo cute :)

diazis123 1587 days ago

omg so cuteeeeeeeeeeeee

chrisweitz 1587 days ago

Okay I'm lousy at this, so here goes -- going offline for movie hoohah. This is what sheer joy looks like...