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Selena got punched by a belieber yesterday. :(

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1807 days ago

Selena got punched by a belieber yesterday. :(


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SexedKidrauhl 1767 days ago

I know they broke up, but I think justin is happier if you didn't go punch his girlfriend.. omg

SexedKidrauhl 1767 days ago

that's not cool of a belieber to do that?:-S

ashleynixx282 1783 days ago

whoever did it should not be in their personal life and she is so sorry i feel bad for her and yall should be sued for hitting her

jessril19 1783 days ago

Like ..Like ..Like ..HAHAHA .. >:))

JustinIsAwsomee 1802 days ago

sickner :p

shannonELW09 1804 days ago

AWK poor selena i acc feel sorry for her who ever did that till her is really really horrible :(

MarinaB80 1805 days ago

I actually cant believe people would do this! if you were true beiber fans, you would be happy for him! its not fair on them being STALKED all their life and not being able to live a proper life. Hope Selena is okay.. :(

PurpleNinjaXOXO 1805 days ago


AriiGrande4ever 1805 days ago

I can't believe some of you guys are happy about this! It's so sad. Poor Selena... :[ I hope she's alright <3

vanetiastar 1805 days ago

i am so sorry for selena and hope she feel better and p.s she is the lucky girl on earth because she dateing jb

Tinkerbelllllx 1806 days ago

this is pathetic, these beiber fans get a grip just cause justin is going out with selena gomez doesn't mean you can hit her, if you was a true beiber fan you would leave them alone and let them get on with it fgs LEAVE THEM ALONE TRUE BEIBER FANS OKAYYYY

tillahrauhl 1806 days ago

no she didnt , it wasa cold sore .. it punch thing was a rumor .

JDBiebersKiss 1806 days ago

if who ever did that was a true belieber . . . well they wouldnt have done it xx :0)

JohN_N_Y 1806 days ago

LOL! That's what she gets for dating someone of the same gender as her.

JPaulo645 1806 days ago

Holy Crap who did this to her, is so sad .

Love_Cookie__ 1806 days ago


YeahShamskii 1806 days ago

Just a simple kiss from bieber.

meryl13 1806 days ago

Poor Selena, I gotta admit, I may not be a Belieber or anything of sort, but I think they look cute together. If it really happened, I mean, if the news was true that Selena got punched because of him, maybe someone needs some counseling. Tsk.....

LollipopMind 1806 days ago

aww )):

BieberCanadaUSA 1806 days ago

apparently it was just a cold sore.....and she was probably crying cuz of the paparazzi