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Robot builder, modelmaker and television host on Mythbusters.

"You guys look like you're about to form Voltron." #fromset #Mythbusters

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1644 days ago

"You guys look like you're about to form Voltron." #fromset #Mythbusters


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fndliberato 1606 days ago


ip_video_fan 1642 days ago

Can I form the head :-D

DutchBigEd 1643 days ago

Form? Grinn....

Aardbeitart 1643 days ago

*background music* LET'S VOLT IN!!!

MarianoBryant 1643 days ago


fresh_asparagus 1643 days ago

I like this picture,Mythbusters always gives me great joy,thanks!

MarloRocci 1643 days ago

Another car gets "Mythbustered".

MarloRocci 1643 days ago

If this is Voltron, isn't Kari supposed to be wearing pink?

SteveBrandonOTT 1643 days ago

For some reason, I kinda doubt that red Ford Crown Victoria made it to sundown intact.

Tetzauh 1643 days ago

Or helmetless Power rangers

azurelunatic 1644 days ago

Two pairs of sneakers. One pair of boots. All awesome.

jmralls2001 1644 days ago

Kari and Grant would form two of the limbs of Voltron, and Grant would probably form the torso. I think you just need Adam and Jamie to complete it. :P

coniks2 1644 days ago

JCPenny fashion shoot?

thehippiechick 1644 days ago

Ya'll look awesome - ya'll my fave superheroes -- defeating or defending myths! {Psst, ya'll are hawt in your own special ways ;)} #fb

AliTatt 1644 days ago

OMG you guys look like some of my favorite classic shows characters xD

clisair 1644 days ago

Need green and white in there

Markho23 1644 days ago

Power Strangers

Pauliebklyn 1644 days ago


Redfroggy 1644 days ago

Lion Voltron rocked. The car one was dumb! :P

Peaches_Puppet 1644 days ago

Funny cause it's true.