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A closer look at McDonald's lobster roll...The McLobster...

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1884 days ago

A closer look at McDonald's lobster roll...The McLobster...


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skinnysconverse 1853 days ago

worse then elementary school lunch

MStonez 1881 days ago disgusting looking

Indygirl7 1881 days ago

frick'n nasty looking!

CloveSmokes 1882 days ago

what the hell McDonald's is serving that?? Not here in South Florida!

HarutMuradyan 1882 days ago

That looks bomb!

RachealCologne 1882 days ago

eww! it looks like vomit!
They are to desperate

KateFatima 1882 days ago

Is that lobster or clayfish?

KelliJohnson3 1882 days ago this is for ya

DeannaGillesj 1882 days ago


TheGrimeReport 1883 days ago

It looks disgusting Eurghhhh

Zita_Von_Tesse 1883 days ago

Shag me!! I think it looks good.Is it lobs or a case of crabs??

Addielousbags 1883 days ago

What? Lol thats just wrong

EkmSohal 1883 days ago

looks like a lobster took a shat in there O_O

JackieATL 1883 days ago


KangRell 1883 days ago

i cant get over now nasty this shit looks!!!!

patypereyra 1883 days ago


Sugar_Cain88 1883 days ago

this looks disgusting! YUCK! someone threw up and put lettuce and a bun on it LOL

KaylaBreezyCBE 1883 days ago

eww that looks like my dogs puke if im honest..

_SaTetu_ 1883 days ago


sfl7fl 1883 days ago

Yummy, here's homemade pizza