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Payback's a bitch.  Pic taken inside Misha's car.

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2108 days ago

Payback's a bitch. Pic taken inside Misha's car.


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MissNatherine 2004 days ago

OMG ;D This is amazing ;D ;P

msray306 2107 days ago

This is even colder, LOL, that's funny!

SequinedGlove 2107 days ago

lol gotta love those two and their wars. <3 would've been great too to see a pic of 's face too after he opened his car lol

CaarlaMichele 2107 days ago

Well Done!Well Done! kyahahaha LOL.Who cleaned up the mess? it was funny.

HelloDean 2107 days ago

How do they find the time to make such an awesome show? Lol!

monteseverus 2108 days ago

Would someone take that change away from them and give it to a charity or something?? This could get dangerous!! ;)

LadyLasara 2108 days ago

O.O...lmao sweet revenge ^~^ muwahaha!

twinkle9400 2108 days ago

too funny!

Shagadelicish 2108 days ago

Misha's revenge!payback is brilliant, so Jared should've step/level it up a little.They're kindah right at Misha's getting back his money, lol. Thanks for the fanupdate Clif. You're cool.

maui_bliss 2108 days ago

Its pay back tym!! LOL!!!

SPNJ2Addict 2108 days ago

WOW! LOL. This is too funny. Who did this? You or Jared? I know Misha got Jared yesterday. LOL.

EvilSquirre1 2108 days ago

Too funny. Hey they can put that in my car money is money.

sandrawin 2108 days ago

very hilarious kkkkkkkkkkkk!

hsallard 2108 days ago

Is that money or marbles cuz if it was money I would screaming with tons of joy

Deanwuvshugs 2108 days ago

LOL I love these guys!!!

joannam66mikey 2108 days ago

WOW!!!!!!! hahaha that is Hilarious!

StarrPeabody 2108 days ago

LOL I wonder, if Misha is going to take the time to count it all.

KrogyFrogy 2108 days ago

Oh man... I have a feeling these prank-war coins aren't going to a bank anytime soon

alg4spn4eva 2108 days ago

Oh, this is going to get nasty! Bring it on boys! Lol! Can't wait for the next one! :))

annielicious14 2108 days ago

tee hee and it's name is Misha!