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Former Drummer with ThrimbleWeed and the Vegetations

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1581 days ago


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NikYrbgn 1577 days ago

And he is funny guy this Mr. Pickle.

tuilieres 1579 days ago

Mr Pickle is gorgeous, but tinkerbell was the best.

cherbic555 1580 days ago

You could put Mr. Pickle in your pocket, Wossy ~ that way you can both keep warm! haaa haaaaaa

Marco_Hibbins 1580 days ago

I have a male pug too! His name is Charlie. I'm just wondering if Mr Pickle, when excited" runs around like a missle with legs for the best part of a minute!!? Or is it just Charlie?

StLouisMan2 1580 days ago

Is he going there to breed?

gypee 1580 days ago

mr pickle is nearly as gorgeous as gypee

patbky 1580 days ago

I hope Mr. Pickle has an additional fur coat.

rindehoops 1580 days ago

mr pickle looks very excited! He the cutest hand luggage ive seen!

strtbrdsn 1580 days ago

Does he have a passport?

ekkSen 1581 days ago

premium of course! btw try our tube please, it's dangerous and crowdy, but old and nice :D
and FYI, it's a lovely sunny day, - 7, be prepared!

BrennaJ 1581 days ago

Hurry back! Take care of Mr P. :)

MissKat18 1581 days ago

Awww :) so cute! lol

janeywaney20 1581 days ago

aaawww bless..why russia

Rebekahdg 1581 days ago

You have the best names for your dogs.