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#medmystery  a CT of cervical spine. any guesses? answer friday.

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2108 days ago

#medmystery a CT of cervical spine. any guesses? answer friday.


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AnthnewmanS 2106 days ago

dens fx, fusion c4,c5,c6, multilevel DDD

RNguide 2106 days ago

Klippel–Feil syndrome

RivkahCavanagha 2106 days ago

http://LNK.by/fg2c4 blabbermouth denudation derbies climbed behindhand

RichaBansod 2108 days ago

Differential: 1) CFCV 2) Klippel-feil 3) Old tuberculosis

USMDINDIA 2108 days ago

(If Human !!!!!!)Differential 1)Klippel-Feil syndrome
2) Cervical spondylitis with fusion and osteopenia

bostongal1641 2108 days ago

Definite compression of spine - either from trauma or ankylosing spondylitis. I am seeing compression at c4-c5-c6.

Apuurava 2108 days ago

tuberculosis spine

davidchaller 2108 days ago

Ankylosing Spondylitis

SSNouriel 2108 days ago

Dr. Gupta's going to be talking football-related concussions this week. Maybe trauma due to football injury?

ehagetmoney 2108 days ago

Ankylo Spondylosis

politixgirl 2108 days ago

This doesn't look like a CT of a human. It's of another mammal?

obreap 2108 days ago

Vertebrae compression in C4-C5-C6 due to trauma un the spine

vondora 2108 days ago

is it meningitis ,,idk

bodysculptorokc 2108 days ago

Type II Odontoid fracture, superimposed on Cervical Spondylosis with auto fusion. There may be insturmentation at C5-6. This is most likely an elderly person who fell. Get him or her in a Halo vest.