Charlie Sheen


Actor, Producer, Winner ... Anger Management Premieres June 28th, 9pm on FX

Winner..!  2012...

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1432 days ago

Winner..! 2012...


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amshumney86 1320 days ago

Indians hat, hell yeah!

tellytrotter 1342 days ago

yes you should ave defo won it hun!!

alecbilicki 1394 days ago

you should've been at least nominated for Platoon and Wall Street!

mah_taya 1406 days ago

ahuahuahauahua amei!

priscilasarden 1409 days ago

Hahahaha. Loved it! #WINNER!

glauroo 1409 days ago


Austriaa25 1411 days ago

are you sure you don't work for the cia?? ;-)

Luis_Ratto 1411 days ago

You're a winner Charlie!

LCWConference 1411 days ago

Sweet cake, who made it?

TrgdyAnn 1415 days ago

Hahahaha, I guess that's 1 way of having your Cake & eating it too. Was it Good?

leemccorquodale 1416 days ago


jtkski 1416 days ago

Its not the Oscars, Its the Charlies ! WINNING !!!

uNeedweeD 1419 days ago

Charlie have great 6 pak !!! near cheast !! :D

shybullwinkle 1419 days ago

You have girly hips in this picture. Have you been working out? ;)

larrywhitworth 1419 days ago

Looks Good!

Joeytoda 1420 days ago

lmao stfu

Tania_Jane15 1420 days ago

I think donating $ 1.-/per ticket to the Red Cross is really mediocre. I think you could and should be more generous.

Rocco0 1420 days ago

Yeahh,you can win this .. xD

PetitSupermodel 1420 days ago

I could have made an even more Wow cake! We own Miami's premiere cake place, We have a ling list of Celebrity clients!