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Born in Boston.Went to Hollywood at 18. 16 years later cast as Spock in Star Trek http://t.co/xF7aMPrVzT

I learned this poem as a kid in grade school. Written by William Cullen Bryant. LLAP

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2151 days ago

I learned this poem as a kid in grade school. Written by William Cullen Bryant. LLAP


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Dosremolinos 2068 days ago

Thank you for sharing this poem Mr. Nimoy! Your presentation in Dallas was uplifting! Thank you!

PatriciaKrull 2107 days ago

Very nice. I remember being taught, "Octobers Party." by George Cooper.

jeannieharris 2145 days ago

Ah Leonard, your birthday is in March - that's why you like it!

xKeny 2146 days ago

Interesting this reminds me of loved one who has past away
who's birthdays chime in the cold winds blast

OldGrayMare1 2148 days ago

Thank you for sharing! Aren't you getting younger this month?

DonnaHayes 2151 days ago

I do wonder why March is "welcome" to the poet, though. Is there a silver lining in those clouds that I've missed somehow?

AW_passed_thru 2151 days ago

You are one of a kind. Thank you.

AmyK0_o 2151 days ago

I am happy to see March again. My 10th wedding anniversary is this month. My daughter turns 8, and there are many other March birthdays in my family. My favorite part is the hints of spring. The birds have come back, the snow is melting, etc.

BethPedoPicard 2151 days ago

Man, I love following you on Twitter. You just made my day. :D

TuesdayPainter 2151 days ago

They say February is the cruelest month, but in NY March can still dump lots of snow.

NCBonnie1 2151 days ago

Time March(es) on doesn't it? Your 8th decade will, no doubt, be as wondrous as your first!!

COPPERDRAGON 2151 days ago

First time i heard this poem-it sounds beautiful

ziggyrox12 2151 days ago

I learned this in 4th grade:)

liviana2 2151 days ago

Frühling lässt sein blaues Band...Ach, es gibt so schöne Frühlingsgedichte...So many nice Poems for Springtime, thank you, I feel warmer now....Waiting for the sun after the storm...

herpilgrimsoul 2151 days ago

March is the first time we hear the birds chirping outside, meaning spring is here!

Time_Hound 2151 days ago

That is so true for March in Saskatchewan - How did you know Leonard?

Officerdoc88 2151 days ago

Good stuff.

Bobcat_333 2151 days ago

Wow, very nice. Sounds like something you'd find on a dedication plaque.

angeleyes1065 2151 days ago

Beautiful.... even if you didn't write it

bob48219 2151 days ago

TY Leonard. March is a favorite month in MI. That's when winter starts to loosen its icy grip on us. The author is not familiar to me. Was thinking of that guy on What's My Line then the anti-Darwinist?