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@KstewsHair, @WannabeBritish : you mean these ones?  They survived their fall

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2005 days ago

, : you mean these ones? They survived their fall


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praj_kpat 2002 days ago

ORANGE pants!hahaha.he looks so much like you

crisreno 2002 days ago

's xerox? OMF, he looks so much like you!

60SAB 2003 days ago

Wooowww He 's Beautiful :)

SarahLuisa 2003 days ago

he totally looks like you

diazis123 2003 days ago

ahh cool!!

_karcurlz 2004 days ago

ORANGE PANTS FTW! awwww what a cute little boy...

ShariYelitza 2004 days ago

Awwww...!!!! Your son is so cute....

maybeimrivers 2004 days ago

The orange pants LIVE :D

LynnellTribbleq 2005 days ago

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Taty_1973 2005 days ago

OMG, such a cutie! And like father like son in the trousers department. LMAO!

dedenimo 2005 days ago

Hi,Handsome.... oh,he's so breathtaking :)

AlexiaSanchez 2005 days ago

Omg! I remember those! You wore it at New Moon premiere in Paris ;) and your son it's sooooo cute! I like his style ;D

LuvPattzNBender 2005 days ago


monsetwilighter 2005 days ago

awwww!!! he's so cute

mi_twilightsaga 2005 days ago

is beautifull! looks like you

girlyinthenorth 2005 days ago


KatieMarie5678 2005 days ago

awwww!!!!!!!!! so cute!!!!!

satanned 2005 days ago

OHMYGOODNESS He's so cute :D

Fran_Stef 2005 days ago

Que coisa mais fofa!!!!!

chrisweitz 2005 days ago

, : you mean these ones? They survived their fall