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Trey just said, "sara, u need to get some new socks." #toeswanttobefreetoo

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2103 days ago

Trey just said, "sara, u need to get some new socks." #toeswanttobefreetoo


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novirun 2053 days ago


izzykewl88 2086 days ago

seems those socks served you well enough and they need to retire... :p

Johmni 2103 days ago

Didu get that jumpin the fence at the grove or stoppin the trolly; let's see some thread n needle skills; rinse out or relather PS: Paris is a Whoeere

katakataKara 2103 days ago

I think those socks are in the prime of their lives.

puprocker5 2103 days ago

You are not alone, #Sara. Still wear my worn out & full of holes pairs of #socks during #Winter!

blackmambaarg 2103 days ago

My fiance had a pair of socks in that state. Needless to say, I threw them. He wouldn't do it. ¬¬

Alliesaurus11 2103 days ago

Nah, you're good.(;

ItsCharles 2103 days ago

Yeah, I think its time Sara.

xDanyGx 2103 days ago

bahaha I have a pair just like those xD

csnathalia 2103 days ago


lullylucky 2103 days ago

i have to agree with him!

jbieblovee 2103 days ago

hhahaha, no offense, i agree ;)

kaleidoscopehrt 2103 days ago

whoo hoo first comment! agree