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You have to see this. Amazing photo of Discovery's launch.

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2109 days ago

You have to see this. Amazing photo of Discovery's launch.


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MiamiLuxHomes 1914 days ago

Amazing shot.. I missed the last launch :(

Aidey2010 2106 days ago

what a truely amazing picture

Leopon_A 2108 days ago

Wonderful! Suitably to the last flight of the Discovery.

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Tracy0h 2109 days ago

thanks so much for the link. I'm excited about this one. Can you tell? :)

tehWKD 2109 days ago

large version of the image can be found at

Cyobinosuke 2109 days ago

A blue settling flame of the rocket motor of the space shuttle is favorite ♪

asuter 2109 days ago

Going up!

taka24 2109 days ago


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Tracy0h 2109 days ago

it's always been more then the name. Additional, it always seemed to have the coolest missions to me. :)

heidisorensen 2109 days ago

glad to see i'm not the only one with a sentimental attachment to this shuttle :)

colinbirrell 2109 days ago

Awesome. Like Steve Lindsey said, "get ready to witness the majesty and the power of Discovery.."!

abdoss 2109 days ago

That is an incredible picture!

rickyjuan 2109 days ago

That is an awesome shot there! Love it!

manniseh 2109 days ago


Tracy0h 2109 days ago

Oh please say there is a larger picture of this somewhere I can use to educate my kids? On our wall? :) This is a very emotional picture for a Discovery lover like me.