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PICTURE of bolt tops being taken of, effectively making it impossible to open the windows. #WIunion #weareWI

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1311 days ago

PICTURE of bolt tops being taken of, effectively making it impossible to open the windows. #WIunion #weareWI


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RoseneNarasimha 1307 days ago fractional catcalled burgeoning airworthinesses% directorate

ThatcherVangies 1307 days ago this is for ya

LinusCurllj 1307 days ago


deerwings 1310 days ago

That's what a good 'ol fashioned pair of Vice Grips are good for...

gerg6111 1310 days ago

That's an old window.

ktuvwxyz 1310 days ago

on my goodness - I'm reading a book on that right now ... March 11, 1911? Right?

weezmgk 1310 days ago

The bolts have clearly been installed to prevent opening the window. Al B Fuct is right- visegrips.

David_Feldman_ 1310 days ago

just in time for the 100th anniversary of the Triangle Shirt Factory fire.

politaire 1310 days ago

This doesn't look like a window being bolted. This looks like a bolt thru the sash guide, clarify.

KindaKath 1310 days ago

KindaKath 1310 days ago

Yep, I called Capitol Police after I saw this, and was looking up the number for MFD but saw they had it

KindaKath 1311 days ago

#Wiunion #weareWI Cap police assure that all door exits are free and open; fire dept what's up w/this

story_of_cory 1311 days ago

contact us
City of Madison Fire Department
325 W. Johnson St.
Madison, WI 53703
Phone: (608) 266-4420
Fax: (608) 267-1153

story_of_cory 1311 days ago

I talked to a lady at the fire department downtown and she says the rumors are false.

Al_B_Fuct 1311 days ago

Vise-Grips- for great justice.

yarnNink 1311 days ago

Pls tell where/when you took photo. Specifics are helpful. Don't want to spread rumors. #wiunion

kkbarnard 1311 days ago

What does the fire marshall have to say about that? hmm

TurboKitty 1311 days ago

This is definitely illegal ... #Arrest #Walker #Now !!!