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nice sunset off a busy mexico city street. police patrol reminder of what is happening here.

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2105 days ago

nice sunset off a busy mexico city street. police patrol reminder of what is happening here.


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mick31 2104 days ago

Are the student health office at colleges paying attention to some of the sick students who are coming in for the flu symptoms or are they just ignoring them. They have to take into consideration that there are many students who vacationed in Mexico duri

bigdummydave 2104 days ago

The US Navy in 1977 gave all of us the swine flu vaccination. Why is it only now showing up?

alemex46 2104 days ago

Is it safe for visitors to come to the US that do not show symptoms?

obobaomini 2104 days ago

How long can the combination of these viruses live outside the human body?

obobaomini 2104 days ago

Dr. S. Gupta please stay safe in Mexico.

obobaomini 2104 days ago

Is there a sort of chemical that can be spread into the atmosphere to stop this spread of swine flu?


1jharris 2105 days ago

Thanks for your work there in Mexico City

jacobian64 2105 days ago

thanks for the pic,it really gives us deep insight of what is happening in there.

florenciamex 2105 days ago

Are people dying because they don't get on time to the hospital? this is a culture of drugstore recommendations before doctors. Could that be a reason? Is the health dept. saying the truth? we don't think so.

yellows_rock 2105 days ago

A LOT of people are wondering how 4 flu strains got mixed up.

missbouray 2105 days ago

Awesome... both the sunset and your work. I hope this Swine Flu gets under control for everyone's sake. Thanks for the "on the pulse" updates! You rock!

ledu2nirvana 2105 days ago

How did the Avian influenza spread to Mexico?