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What happened last night...? Who's this strange guy in my bed?

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1972 days ago

What happened last night...? Who's this strange guy in my bed?


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Discombobulater 1972 days ago

check the jacks for a missing tiger too :)

rockleo123 1972 days ago

Amazing~.....you deserve it my alumni idol

im_thefish15 1972 days ago

Hahaha Who's this strange guy? ;D

bananaflavors 1972 days ago

Ha ha ha!!! Did you have a good dream?

JeanWebMachine 1972 days ago

Hey! That's mine! LOL

_blackmario 1972 days ago

You're funny.

22Nayla 1972 days ago

LOL! You slept with the oscar last night?

willsk89 1972 days ago


AdanV 1972 days ago

His name is Oscar and his last name is AWESOME!!

AnitaCoulter 1972 days ago

Aww! Look at you with yournew wooby!

magicallaura 1972 days ago

Congratulations! I'm so glad you won, incredibly well-deserved.

JoSie_Serrano 1972 days ago

awwwwwwwww OMG U deserve it I´m so happy for U an Oscar! YAY! :D ♥

Deeeda 1972 days ago

So happy for you...a well-deserved win! Amazed you could sleep. :)

joe_6285 1972 days ago

This strange guy was in your dreams last night that how he end up there.Congrats on winning the oscar

gia694 1972 days ago

hahaha that's funny :)

Weasleygirl101 1972 days ago

Two strange guys would have been so much better!!! But we love this one just as much!!

clonk71 1972 days ago

who are you and what did u win it for?

dieKARIN 1972 days ago

LOL!! This is awesome. Congrats by the way!!