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nelena's photo booth pictures+close up version!!!!!! (: so cute

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1296 days ago

nelena's photo booth pictures+close up version!!!!!! (: so cute — with booooooooooooobies, kiss kiss, awww, <a href="/photos/justinbieber">@justinbieber</a> (justin bieber), <a href="/photos/selenagomez">@selenagomez</a> (selena gomez)


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Bieber_Burnham 1291 days ago

OMG!!!! look in the top row 2nd pic!!! are they kissing???!!!!!!! i think they are!!

BeingPaola13 1294 days ago

Lmao!! They hilarious, I think they make a cute couple even though its kinda wiered that selena is older than him by like two years but stil they`re a funny couple.lol

YMCMthrupp 1294 days ago


Clairbear654 1295 days ago

hes a teenage boy. Whatd u expect.

BiebersMuse 1295 days ago


laizgabriela 1296 days ago

Ewwww..what boobs is he kissing??!?there's like nothing there...lol

WowBiebs 1296 days ago

They are so freaking cute! (: xx

iMockingjays 1296 days ago


meri_renis 1296 days ago

Aaaaaaaa okkkkkk! Bien ahi b1bergirl!! Son menos compatibles! Quedan re mal juston, sorry guys!

candelandivar 1296 days ago

so cute las bolas....

cynthiailean 1296 days ago

THEY ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ADORABLE! selena is so beautiful! and justin,don't even get me started

BieberLovee112 1296 days ago

Justin's dirty mind is taking over.

immalifesaver_ 1296 days ago

cute :o i'm happy for him :)

bieberfosho9 1296 days ago

adorable, cant believe either of them would do that :) <3

koulcakes 1296 days ago

BAHAHAHAHAHA happy for him LOL nice pic <3

itsCASSIEEo_O 1296 days ago

LMAAAOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! i knew justin was dirty mineded!

VanessaIs4Zac 1296 days ago

soooo sweet <3 they are inlove.. so happy for them #Jelena