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2587 days ago


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blatantone 2505 days ago

Never add a bluetooth to that. It's even gay-er.

lissett87 2516 days ago

hahahaha EL ANDY!

hobo_andy 2565 days ago

El Andy!!!

SpiceTDJ 2566 days ago

juss Justin being him huh....

GSwee 2569 days ago

Hot people join Twitter. Justin is hot. Hence...Justin should join Twitter.

bajastudio21 2577 days ago

PLZ Justin...let him use yours, Madonna does on guyosery's

jessica_1979 2584 days ago

Yes, he should reconsider! luv you both!

emma77 2585 days ago

I hope Justin will reconsider, but I will still remain a big fan of his either way. (and you too Kevin!:))

SarahLoomis 2586 days ago

Hmm... Team Nealon or Team Kirk. That's a hard choice. Maybe it is a good thing that Justin is not on Twitter.

dsalmela 2587 days ago


thaisdalloz 2587 days ago

tripping on brick breaker!

shystiegrape777 2587 days ago

I love Brick Breaker!

StubbsMcNubbs 2587 days ago

Only reason he won't join is he's chicken. Just like Marty McFly. Sad, man.

LisaItkonen 2587 days ago

tell him he'll meet lottsa hot chicks!!

dbizzle69 2587 days ago

If JK joined Twitter, war would break out. There would be the Nealon People, and the Kirk People. Where do you stand?

buffyslayergal 2587 days ago

Justin Kirk would RULE twitter (but not like Kevin Nealon, of course).

dbizzle69 2587 days ago

Hmm. Guess he's not as cool as the Nealon.

spm08588 2587 days ago

mfn lurker

finafee 2587 days ago

He's missing out!

melissa_d 2587 days ago

Make him conform, get him on Twitter!