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archangel male version hope you like it #TwitPict

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1919 days ago

archangel male version hope you like it #TwitPict


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DragonMasterAQW 1907 days ago

dude, you are awesome with details, ts perfect... just a question, did you suggested that? if dont, i think you should...

AQWkoomoota 1918 days ago

One word: Damn.

veneeria 1919 days ago

i saw it! and i think it is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay greater than the female one :O Good job ! when r u thinking in joining ae again?

Arktomys 1919 days ago

Woah! Pretty good man, it's epic. If comes in the game, i will buy.

LancellAE 1919 days ago

I really really like this one, I hope it comes with much gold :D

the_cyber_bully 1919 days ago

did you knew the hair this archangel has your hair(sorta)

daxterflames 1919 days ago


AQWGustavo_8 1919 days ago

Epic :o

Zheenx 1919 days ago

Woah, amazing details and love the design! pretty good, keep it up.

Cabreirao 1919 days ago

Looks Nice.

FallFire 1919 days ago

wow, this is incredibly detailed. the arm and shoulder guards a sweet and you feathered cape is great. Id just like to see some wings like on you female version other than that its awesome. One thing though, you food on the near side (to us not the one in

Mageofnocturn 1919 days ago

for 2m? I'd buy it in a heart beat :D

AQWDrakonus 1919 days ago

the wing on the shadow thigh should be pushed further behind the 1 u have on the female is correct, this is wrong. pic is too small lol i cant zoom in to see the details

XyoArts 1919 days ago

Wow Ganloth you're a very impressive artist! Keep up the great drawings!

GaleWarrior 1919 days ago

I might flash... But might not... Dun have time. But EPIC!!!!

MacianArt 1919 days ago

dan, thats amazing! :D

TommyT94 1919 days ago

wow, i wonder wat happen if in flash mode

Dracorath 1919 days ago

That is insane, lol.

coolboypai 1919 days ago

oh wow! this is awesome! i can see a lot more effort into the male version, as it really showed!

AQWNaTra 1919 days ago

Its official you sir is my number 4 fav, hand draw artist of all time.