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with infectious diseases, I now advocate the el-bump. it's not as cool as the fist bump, but safer. I think it will catch on.

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2559 days ago

with infectious diseases, I now advocate the el-bump. it's not as cool as the fist bump, but safer. I think it will catch on.


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BuckyLeo 2329 days ago

Right on, Doc! I couldn't agree with you more! Check out the Bucky Krum Elbow Bump on Youtube! Bucky

aboutabeer 2367 days ago

HA HA HA, that's rich.

Foxfire215 2484 days ago

cool way to hug...lol

TigerLily1951 2492 days ago

Personally, I think for USA citizens, the good ole salute is appropriate. SAAAAA- LUTE!!!

OriginalDesign 2510 days ago

I have never shaken hands. I have a phobia about touching peoples hands and always have. Sometimes they get offended. But I watch what they do with their hands, and I am turned off. Plus, secondly they crunch my delicate artist hands and it injures me.

JET1961 2524 days ago

I hope this catches on. Could save a LOT of us, especially those of us with compromised immune systems due to the after effects of cancer treatments, from becoming very ill.
Great idea!

chia_pet 2554 days ago

I think this is actually much cooler than the fist bump!!!

lusus_naturae 2554 days ago

Since our "Stand-Down" on handshaking at work, I will be the embassador of the el-bump to our employees!

maschwab63 2557 days ago

Give the NYC spread to another school, maybe not NYC starting this weekend. Standard Flu Symptoms, plus a sudden spike to 103F.

drftamngthestrz 2558 days ago

What is the best way for flight attendants to protect themselves?
Thanks for your updates.

homeopathyfirst 2558 days ago

Please look to Western Homeopathic Medicine in prevention, treatment and cure of this Flu. In 1918 Flu only 1.05% deathrate with homeoathy but allopathy 30% deathrate. We have very effective remedies...why does no one ask?
Mary Terhune, RN, 978-505-9554.

sharon_robin 2558 days ago

with the cases in the united states is it still safe to be in a place where there lots of people, like a baseball stadium?

ledu2nirvana 2558 days ago

I have a question for you Doc. How did the bird flu end up being merged with the Swine Flu in Mexico? I thought the Avian influenza was from Asia?

LeahDaisyD 2558 days ago

How do you think the water shut offs in Mexico City, http://bit.ly/OH0J3, affected the spread of Swine Flu? Time said 5 million (25% of Mexico City pop. impacted. That's a lot of unwashed hands

KC_CU 2558 days ago

Are the symptoms the standard flu ones? Is there anything else that might clue in "swine" over standard, everyday flu?

avajay 2558 days ago

Thanks for your calm advice!

proprietress 2559 days ago

The el-bump it is, Doc. Thanks!

febl 2559 days ago

Take care

emberssailaloft 2559 days ago

I saw this on The Colbert Report several months ago - it's a good idea.

Brittigan 2559 days ago

well, it is getting SCARY - one day we will have to wrap our selfs into a plastic paper and live in a bubble !